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Snack healthily to boost your energy

Snacking on the right foods can help boost your energy and make you feel fuller between meals. It's essential to make sure that not only are your main meals healthy but also your snacks are. Here are some tips on how to snack healthily:

1. Plan ahead if you can, make your snacks the day before. Keep some fruits, carrots, celery, and cucumber sticks ready. Vary your snacks throughout the week.

2. Don't peel your fruit - The skin provides extra fibre which will keep you satiated. Don't cut up your fruit either, as they'll stay fresh for longer, but do wash them before you have them.

3. Add protein - Making a protein shake is the first thing that comes to mind, but a handful of nuts is just as good, or if you like peanut butter, have a spoonful or two.

4. Don't forget to drink - When we think of snacking, we only think of food, but being hydrated is just as crucial. Good hydration increases your metabolism and can help you feel fuller.

Also, get a munch on an avocado daily for a healthy gut

Eating an avocado every morning can help your body maintain its requirement of healthy gut bacteria, a new research has found. Researchers from the University of Illinois, US, found that people who ate the fruit every day had a greater diversity of microbes in their gut. These help to break down food and more easily access nutrients.

Eating an avocado a day also helped reduce stomach acid, it was found. The fruit is high in dietary fibre, which is beneficial for digestion. In addition, it is also rich in monounsaturated fats, which are thought to help protect the heart.


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