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Motivational tips to exercise regularly

You’ll often hear about the importance of exercise, but getting plenty of physical activity is something many struggles to make a habit of. Your attitude towards exercising needs to change if you want to lose weight. If you are an ‘I want to exercise type, then you will remain in an ‘I want to lose weight condition throughout your life. And the kilos will keep piling up with every passing week.

If you're struggling to maintain a regular exercise habit, here are some tips on how to keep going:

Switch it up - If you started the latest workout trend only to find you hate it, then switch to another routine. Find an exercise that you love doing and look forward to it. Discover something you're good at and see if you can push yourself even further.

Set small goals - A lot of us make the mistake of setting unrealistic goals. You want to be as fast or as strong as the trainer you follow on YouTube within a few weeks. Most of them are former professional athletes so they'll have years on you. Set smaller milestones that are easier to achieve.

Measure progress - Keep looking back. You'll be amazed at how far you have come. Seeing what you have already achieved will give you the push to keep going.

Find a workout buddy - Exercising with a friend is much more enjoyable and you can motivate each other.

Walking briskly can slow down the aging

Even as little as 10 minutes of brisk walking per day can have various health benefits, with one study saying it can slow down aging and increase life expectancy by up to 20 years.

Scientists from Leicester University, UK, used one of the biomarkers for aging, called telomeres, to assess the rate at which the human body gets older.

The researchers examined records of 4,05,981 middle-aged people and their genetic analysis suggested a causal link between brisk walking and keeping telomeres intact, independent of any other physical activity.

Telomeres are DNA sequences that basically protect our chromosomes from damage that occurs with aging and scientists found that brisk walking will slow that process down.


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