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How to avoid doomscrolling

Doomscrolling is when you keep flicking through social media and landing on bad news. It's not good for you because it increases your stress hormones and also promotes negative thoughts like fear, anxiety, and sadness.

So what can you do? Move away from your phone. If it is the first and last thing you look at every day, leave your phone in another room.

Before you pick it up, and after you put it down, do something positive, such as watering your plants, listening to soothing music, or making yourself some delicious food.

Slow down your social media consumption. Often people don't realize how quickly they scroll through the news or the amount of negative information that reaches their brains. By slowing down, you reduce the amount of bad news you get.

And if these prove difficult, stop it altogether. Make a conscious decision to look away from your phone for 10 minutes at a time, then increase this duration, thereby giving yourself the chance to break away from mindless screen time.

Can tinnitus get worse with time?

No, tinnitus symptoms can vary in severity, and their persistence is usually due to switches in mood or variations in daily activities. It's possible for tinnitus to get better over time, which is why seeing a hearing health professional as soon as possible is so important.

Also, the fact that tinnitus eventually leads to hearing loss is not true. Tinnitus and hearing loss are commonly seen together, which explains why they are so frequently associated with one another. For example, an elderly person already suffering from hearing loss may experience tinnitus as a symptom of their particular condition.

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