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Are You Feeling Cold All The Time?

Everybody feels differently to changes in temperature. Some feel the chill at the slightest drop in temperature, others feel too hot at the very same temperature. This may be common, but if you constantly feel chilly while all others are comfortable, then it's time to find out if there are any medical reasons behind it.

Here are some of the symptoms, Reasons, and their cures.

First Symptoms
  • You're beginning to feel cold very easily.

  • You're always hungry and get tired soon.

  • You tend to urinate a lot.


It could be diabetes, which can affect your kidneys and your heart, which may be pumping less strongly, and that could be why you're feeling cold.


Have your symptoms checked by your doctor, who will run a blood or urine test to check for sugar and confirm the diagnosis? Lose some weight and wrap up warm.

Second Symptoms

You've developed cold hands and cold feet since you started to take new drugs for your heart.


It could be Beta blockers in heart drugs, which work by slowing down your heart rate to keep it from pumping too hard, that could make you feel cold, dizzy, tired, or nauseous.


Report your side effects to your doctor immediately. They may want to do some tests and adjust the dosage of your drugs or use an alternative.

Third Symptoms

You're feeling cold, you get palpitations, you feel breathless while climbing the stairs and you look pale. Your diet mainly consists of junk food.


It could be Anaemia, and the most common form is an iron deficiency anaemia, which could be due to not eating enough iron-rich foods.


Eat foods rich in iron like red meat, shellfish, tuna, spinach, beans and nuts. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron, so also eat tomatoes or citrus fruits.


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