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Is fatigue from video calls real?

Yes, there is such a thing as video-conferencing fatigue brought on by endless video calls. Researchers at Stanford University in California, US, have even found four different reasons for it.

One is the strange feeling of seeing yourself on screen all the time. They say it's like being followed around by someone holding a mirror. The second is the excessive amount of eye contact. Usually, people are constantly looking around but on a video call, everyone is looking at everyone every minute.

People also receive little feedback from others during the video conference meetings and that's stressful.

Finally, video calls curb our natural range of movements. With the camera fixed, people must remain in the same spot, which isn't natural or comfortable.

Why have I lost my appetite?

Appetite is “the desire to fulfill a bodily need.” The type of appetite we are most familiar with is hunger — which drives us to eat so we obtain enough calories, get essential vitamins and minerals.

Symptoms for children

Your child refuses to have tea or to eat anything after finishing school. They have a slight fever and stomach ache.

It could be - Loss of appetite in children is always important because it's often the first sign that something is wrong. It could be an ear infection, an urinary tract infection, or even appendicitis.

Stop it by - giving your child bland food, such as toast and cereals, or even ice lollies to keep up their fluid intake. Check their temperature. If it rises or if they get worse, speak to your doctor.

Symptoms for adults

You've gone off your food about the same time you started a new course of medication.

It could be - Your medication is causing gastric irritation. Medicines that are known to doing this are aspirin, NSAIDs, antibiotics, birth control pills, etc.

Stop it - Try taking your medication during or after a meal, when food will protect your stomach. Speak to your doctor about changing the medication or altering the dose.

Symptoms for older people

You're gradually eating less and less because food has become rather tasteless.

It could be - As we get older, our sense of taste can get blunted, so food becomes less enjoyable. Many people turn to highly spiced foods as they age, to tickle their appetite.

Stop it - Try adding more flavours to your diet. If loss of appetite persists, speak to your doctor about having a gastric check-up.


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