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How to feed a vegan child

Meat is a major source of iron, so vegans have to make sure they eat the right vegetables to replenish their levels. And that is really important for growing children.

Lentils, beans, chickpeas, nuts, seeds, and dark green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and kale are all packed with iron.

When it comes to nuts, favour almonds as they contain a lot of protein. So use almond butter instead of peanut butter. Milk alternatives such as soya, oat, or almond milk are fortified with calcium and vitamin D. Oat milk usually contains more calcium than nut milk. Children need iodine, which helps the body make thyroid hormones.

It's very important that vegan children consume enough calories during a meal, so make sure you include healthy carbs like starchy vegetables (sweet potatoes, squash) and whole grains (oats and brown rice). Healthy oils like olive oil or cold-pressed rapeseed will boost their calorie content.

The veggie diet reduces prostate cancer risk

Eating less meat could dramatically slash men's risk of prostate cancer, research suggests. An Oxford University study found a 31 percent lower risk in vegetarians than in people who ate meat more than five times a week.

Men who ate fish but not meat had a 20 percent lower risk of prostate cancer. The risk of any cancer was 14 percent lower among vegetarians and vegans.

Study author Cody Waitnig said, "We were surprised by the substantially lower risk of prostate cancer in vegetarians." The researchers took diabetes status, wealth, and lifestyle into account.

But they said the study of data on 472,000 adults did not definitively prove meat raised cancer risk.


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