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Five reasons to do yoga in the morning

We are all aware that yoga has immense benefits when it comes to health, whether it is physical or mental, and overall fitness as well. Yoga, approx 5000 years old practice is known to have numerous health and fitness benefits.

Doing yoga at any time of the day is beneficial to your body, but doing it in the morning might give you an extra bit of vigor. Here is why:-

  • Yoga improves your flexibility and mobility. Spending just a few minutes each morning in a handful of yoga poses will help keep your body supple.

  • It can help you have a better posture. You will soon start to notice that you sit up straighter and walk taller.

  • Yoga is good for your heart. It can reduce cholesterol levels and even slow the progression of heart disease.

  • Yoga energizes your mind by releasing endorphins, giving you the feeling known as a "runner's high".

  • Yoga can help you fall asleep faster.

Who is a super-ager?

A super-ager is someone who's young for their years - whose biological age is less than their chronological age. Becoming one means you could live to a ripe old age in good health.

Super-agers even have brains indistinguishable from people many decades younger, particularly the centers of the brain involved with emotions. It seems it's our emotional brain that keeps us going.

Can you become a super-ager?

To stay young, psychology Professor Lisa Feldman Barrett, of Northeastern University, US, suggests you should work really hard at something because critical brain regions increase in size when people perform difficult tasks.

Becoming a super-ager isn't easy, though. The mental and physical effort needed to keep these brain regions young is tiring. Super-ager isn't put off by that though. They push through and are rewarded with a more youthful brain, sharp memory, and better concentration.


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