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Ditch that extra cup of coffee

Money worries making you reach for a sugar fix or yet another cup of coffee ? Think twice about it.

If financial worries are keeping you up at night, try ditching or reducing these two foods - caffeine and sugar.

Sugary foods weaken the body's ability to respond to stress while caffeine stimulates your fight-or-flight response, possibly triggering an anxiety attack.


Consuming a lot of caffeine or needing to take more caffeine to get the same effect can indicate a caffeine-use disorder. A new study has revealed that regular coffee drinkers don't like the taste more than others, they're simply addicted

Try to reduce your intake gradually by having fewer or less strong coffees or energy drinks per day. Beware of substituting coffee for other drinks or foods that contain caffeine, such as chocolate. A herbal tea or hot water will have the same comforting effect, when stressed.


Any sweet craving is a sign of sugar addiction. Cravings associated with energy dips, dizziness and/or headaches are also a sign of blood sugar dysregulation. "It is worth noting that processed carbs and starches are dealt with by the body in the same way as sugar.

So your sugar cravings can easily be triggered by savoury foods such as crisps, pasta or bread," says UK-based functional medicine consultant Fran McElwaine.

First, cut out obvious added sugars and sweets and replace them with whole food sources of energy. Then, gradually remove all whole grains and fruit. After a while, you can add fruits and grains back in until you find your 'sweet spot' - the amount of carbohydrates a day you can manage without triggering cravings.


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